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In order to bring our clients the very best service in construction we have selected the very best people for the task ahead of us


The company “KESZ” is the engineering and construction company, offering comprehensive services in the field of industrial construction.

                           From the ideas to the execution already in Serbia

KESZ is one of the leader construction companies with more than1000 employees, opened its representation /subsidiary in Belgrade. 

This company has done construction works in Serbia previously – for instance the border crossing point in Horgos, car canopy steel structure of Metro store inBelgrade, the car show room and service building of Autokomerc VW as thesame serious public facilities in Montenegro. Also subsidiary of the companygroup works for the FIAT, Bosch, Magna, Dr.Oetker.

The organic development of the mother company allowed theestablishment of subsidiaries in the surrounding countries. In this wayfounded KESZ d.o.o. Beograd in 2010, KESZ Bulgaria in 2008, KESZ Ukraine and KESZ Romania in 2001.

Our main profile is the general construction, but our basic activities cover the whole field of the construction industry, technical engineering. Our design offices are able to offer solutions to customer’s needs with short deadlines, at any stage of design process and we also have central documentation unit. We are also active in environment protection projects, recycling, real estate, utilization and realization, in research and development projects too.

Labor protection

Law of Serbia “Labor Safety” stimulates that the state labor protection policy is based on the principle of priority of the employee’s life and health and the employer’s all-embracing responsibility for provision of appropriate, safe and healthy working conditions. KESZ INTERNATIONAL, being a European construction company, respects and adheres to requirements of Serbian labor protection laws and other statutory regulations.

Based on the Regulation on the Labor Safety Service, KESZ INTERNATIONAL has established the Labor Safety Service accountable directly to the Company’s CEO. The Labor Safety Service on construction sites, where KESZ INTERNATIONAL is engaged as general contractor, exercises general control over compliance with requirements of the Labor Safety Regulations by contractors employees. According to the Regulation on relations of general contractors and subcontractors, the general contractor, in cooperation with its subcontractors involved, is under the duty to develop measures ensuring safe working conditions on construction sites which are binding for all organizations involved in the construction process.

When works are concurrently executes by general contractor and subcontractor (or several subcontractors), general occupational and fire safety measures are taken — fencing, safety nets and fans, fencing holes and hatches in ceilings, additional lighting, provision of signs, etc.). Segregation of works executed by contracting organizations is supported by respective records in the joint work log.

Acting as general contractor, prior to commencing construction works at each construction project, KESZ INTERNATIONAL develops and approves the Work Execution Plan according to which labor safety actions are taken. Appropriate guidelines and regulating actions are used to ensure compliance with requirements of the Regulations for Labor Safety on Construction Sites for contractors.

All occupational safety actions are implemented to ensure compliance with applicable standards, rules and regulations on safety at work at all stages, from development of project documentation to putting the completed project into operation.

White hands

Since its foundation, KESZ Group of companies consistently adheres to business ethics, legality and honesty norms. KESZ complies with these principles both in Serbia and abroad. “White Hands” Program provides an opportunity to KESZ Group’s employees and partners to record any actions of the company indicative of abuse or corruption and each and every notification coming to the Program is considered and analyzed without exception.

If you have any comment regarding our activity, please do not hesitate to notify about it. “White Hands” Program guarantees anonymity and respect for civil rights.

If the complaint is confirmed and there is an action contradicting the ethical code of KESZ Group of companies, relevant principles of intolerance will apply. In the course of investigation or publication, the observance of personal rights is a priority under any circumstances.
In the course of the investigation, all data and information received from a person, his/her representative or any other person is sent to the Security Department employee who does not disclose this information while the investigation is underway.

If you would like to make public any well-founded information about activities of the Group or behavior of our colleagues, please inform us.

KESZ Group of companies checks all registered notifications without any exception with involvement of Safety Manager and reports the results of the investigation to the Complainant.

You can register your notification directly on the page of “White Hands” Program available on all websites of KESZ Group of companies.

Thank you for your attention!


Szabolcs Breier
Managing director

Dalibor Elez
Contracting manager

Marijana Breier
HR & Marketing manager


Ljupka Pantelic


Sasa Popovic
Construction manager

Aleksandar Stevanovic
Procurement manager


KESZ Holding Zrt. is the leading company of KESZ Group managing assets and the direction of investment in all regions. The main objective of the holding is to develop and implement an effective strategy for KESZ Group.


The company S.C. KESZ SRL was established in 2001 and today it is the most effecient of the foreign subsidiaries of KESZ Group. Representative Office is located in Cluj-Napoca.


KESZ Russian office was founded in 2010 and became the second company KESZ Group in the CIS after Ukraine. The main goal was to organize activities in the field of construction and engineering in the Russian Federation.


General Contracting Construction Company “KESZ-UA Holding” is a subsidiary of KESZ Construction Holding, with its central office located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The Company was founded in 2005 and for over 12 years provides comprehensive construction services as general contractor…

Social responsibility

In the field of socially responsible behavior we have a tradition lasting almost 50 years.

Activities that were initially focused on employees and the immediate local environment of our holding company have been expanded over the years to include other parties, and today the philosophy of social responsibility and a sustainable operation is an inseparable and integral part of a successful business group KESZ INTERNATIONAL is. We try to become (and remain) active wherever KESZ INTERNATIONAL operates.

In all our activities we actively and unreservedly recognize opportunities where we can contribute to the development of the social and economic environment, be it using our expertise, financial resources or other sources. We implement them with encouragement and by developing a positive impact on society, including support for sports, cultural, educational, humanitarian and environmental projects. The primary focus of KESZ INTERNATIONAL in regard to social responsibility is toward health and quality of life, and investing in sport and culture.

The fundamental concern for health and quality of life in KESZ INTERNATIONAL is released with the following activities:

  • by financially supporting campaigns for a healthy lifestyle,  
  • by investing in the local infrastructure,     
  • by assisting companies and individuals in humanitarian emergencies.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental protection is responsibility and a part of everyday life of the KESZ Group employees at all levels and in all fields of operation. It constitutes an important part of social responsibility and partnership relations with local public and public at large.

All companies of the group are obliged to consistently fulfill all legislation requirements applying to their activities, products and services, customers’ requirements, and any other requirements by the interested parties identified in the companies as compliance obligations.

All companies of the group are obliged to constantly improve the system, the environmental management system performance, and prevention of pollution. To reduce environmental impacts, the best available techniques, good practices and more environmental and user-friendly substances are introduced in the processes, provided this is feasible and acceptable in terms of quality and financial capabilities.

As we are well aware of the fact that our operation, products and services still represent a burden to the environment, we take full responsibility for the environmental impacts caused. Motivated by the desire to reduce them, each company sets its own environmental objectives based on the context of a specific organization and its activities. If applicable, the companies shall pursue the objectives defined below:

  • To reduce the consumption of energy (with regard to the amount of products, sales or other reasonable unit),
  • To reduce the consumption of drinking water (with regard to the amount of products, sales or other reasonable unit),
  • To reduce the amount of industrial waste (with regard to the amount of incoming materials or other reasonable unit),
  • To reduce the amount of municipal waste (with regard to the number of employees),
  • To increase the proportion of re-used materials (in-house or in other companies) provided this is feasible and acceptable in terms of quality and financial capabilities,
  • To develop products and services with the lowest possible impact on the environment during and after their use,
  • To constantly raise awareness among the employees and train and inform them about the requirements, state and achieved targets in the field of environmental protection, and
  • To promote environmental awareness also among everybody who works for the KESZ Group companies.

Environmental protection is important for sustainable and successful development of KESZ Group, for quality life of the employees and the society as such.

Responsibility to business partners

Focusing on the customer is one of the key components of the philosophy, vision and strategy of KESZ INTERNATIONAL. Such an approach enables us to cope successfully with global competition and is strongly linked to the quality of our products, services, processes, expertise and work. Meeting or surpassing customer requirements and expectations (which are every day more demanding), process and system approach, continual improvement and adherence to other principles of quality management, is the path towards long-term business success.

A transparent, measurable and efficient quality system is of the utmost importance in quality management. It is determined by the rules of the procedure manual, by internal processes, instructions and other documents that describe the practice of our operations, in line with the requirements of the standards.

The basic guideline of KESZ INTERNATIONAL is the continual improvement of products and services and to fulfill and exceed customer expectations. We aim to achieve this:

  • by a commitment of full responsibility for the quality of work of each individual, under the principle “Do it well, first time over”;

  • by the ongoing process of improvement in the region of quality processes, products and services;  

  • by the involvement of all employees in the education process;

  • by the introduction of the principle of internal buyers and suppliers;  

  • by team work and project approach, and

  • by the fulfillment of objectives set out in the annual and strategic plans.

The basic standard of the management system at the group’s level is the ISO 9001 standard. This is also the basis of all the other standards from which we upgrade and expand the management system. We manage systems which certify:

  • a Quality Management system according to ISO 9001 standards,

  • an Environmental Management system according to ISO 14001 standards,

  • a system of Health and Safety At Work according to technical specifications OHSAS 18001,

  • a Quality Management system according to technical specifications ISO TS 16949.

Quality certificates, awards and prizes from our business partners are proof that our products are of high quality and our processes reliable. All manufacturing companies in KESZ INTERNATIONAL are established and maintained by a Quality Management system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001. Companies focused on the automobile market have been further upgraded with the technical specification ISO TS 16949.

Quality management

Key guidance of the Quality management is constant improving of our products, services, and processes, as well as meeting and even surpassing of customer`s expectations, to result in market success.

By engaging all employees into the process of training and education, introducing the project approach and team work, we accept full responsibility for the quality of work of each and every individual following the principle »Do it well the first time«.

Certificates of quality, acknowledgements and awards by our business partners prove that our products are of high quality and that our processes are reliable. All production companies within the group have established and maintain a Quality management system in accordance with the  ISO 9001 international standard. Companies with automotive focus have further upgraded it with requirements of the ISO TS 16949 technical specification.

Comprehensive construction services

General Contracting Construction Company KESZ INTERNATIONAL has obtained all of the necessary permits and possesses all of the necessary resources to perform the full range of works on a turnkey basis in compliance with the European quality standards.

KESZ INTERNATIONAL carries out comprehensive management of construction projects and performs the following works:

  • Acting as “Customer Service”, obtaining of “Urban Planning Conditions and Restrictions” and obtaining of Technical Specifications.
  • Development of the full scope of project design documentation, for all stages and sections.
  • Going through the procedure of project appraisal and obtaining the necessary approvals.
  • Designer supervision.
  • Management and organization of all kinds of project construction works in compliance with the approved project documentation.
  • The entire range of works is performed by own efforts and with involvement of contractor companies.
  • Drawing up of the construction schedule and its implementation control.
  • Development of the project construction financing plan.
  • Control and management of the project construction budget.
  • Study, analysis and assessment of project options.
  • Determining of the project’s technical and economic indices and major equipment layout.
  • Development of space planning solutions and the project proposal.
  • Drawing up of a preliminary budget of the construction project.
  • Preparation works and earthworks. Foundation works.
  • Installation of the building frame, roof system and walls.
  • Industrial flooring. Filling of openings (windows, doors, gates).
  • Engineering networks design. Installation of major equipment.
  • Interior finishing works. Landscaping.

General design

Drawing upon the high proficiency and many-year experience of KESZ INTERNATIONAL staff in solving of a wide range of tasks in all of the design areas, the Company’s Design Department ensures the development of projects for buildings and structures of any complexity within the shortest possible deadlines and guarantees the Customer that the design solutions worked out are highly reliable.

Owing to the experience of comprehensive project implementation, from initial design stages (including assisting the Customer with development of the Design Terms of Reference, preparing of checklists for Technical Specifications) to the project process completion, including assistance to the Customer with delivery of the design and as-built documentation to the operating organization, KESZ INTERNATIONAL is able to guarantee the Customer that design solutions and construction and installation works are of proper high quality.

KESZ INTERNATIONAL is able to work out project documentation for a wide range of construction projects, both large-scale plants and logistics facilities comprising the entire infrastructure necessary to ensure uninterrupted operation, as well as separate buildings and structures — fire tanks, office and warehouse buildings, engineering networks.

In the course of designing complex objects, there is often the need for operational analysis and amendment of design solutions proposed during construction. Being highly responsible and trained to operate within tight deadlines (from several hours to 2–3 days), KESZ INTERNATIONAL staff are able to offer the Customer the best possible design solutions for units and structures without interrupting the production process, delivery of materials to the construction site and construction and installation works.

Not infrequently in the construction practice there are cases when the need arises to design structure reinforcement, make premises re-planning or dismantle certain elements. These jobs require prompt use of accurate computational models, making of responsible decisions and their implementation in detailed drawings. Employees of KESZ INTERNATIONAL Design Department and business partners use the following software: Normativ™ pro, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, TEKLA, Lira CAD, Adobe Illustrator. KESZ INTERNATIONAL Design Department has established close cooperation with the leading field-specific design and survey organizations in Serbia to address issues relating to prompt obtaining of a construction site’s geodesic and topographic data, assessment and optimization of design solutions, passing of expert appraisals and obtaining of necessary approvals for project documentation. Owing to the long-term cooperation of KESZ INTERNATIONAL Design Department with designers of the parent company KESZ, project documentation complies with the Serbian statutory regulations as well as with Eurocode standard. This allows us, while implementing projects of foreign Customers, to ensure the European-level design and to guarantee that a project will be approved by the competent Serbian authorities.

Development  of conceptual design

Conceptual Design is the initial stage of design and one of the main stages in project documentation development allowing to assess the feasibility, as well as resources and time required for implementation of the investor’s intentions. And eventually, it helps to determine a preliminary construction project budget. A well-developed Conceptual Design lays the foundation for further decisions to be made by the investor regarding implementation of a construction project. The investor also gets the answers to such questions as whether the construction site is suitable for a new construction project, whether all of the engineering networks necessary for the designed project are available on the land plot and how much electricity, water, gas and heat is needed.

The goal of the Conceptual Design development is to determine technical parameters of the designed project and its technical and economic indicators, as well as major equipment layouts, space planning solutions, overall dimensions of the building on the available land plot and a preliminary cost of the project. While developing the Conceptual Design, вsubject to the Customer’s Terms of Reference (TOR), specialists of KESZ INTERNATIONAL elaborate on all of the project’s technological and design solutions implemented in accordance with requirements of the building codes and regulations applicable in Serbia. And a special focus is given to the issues of environmental safety of the designed project as well as the site in general.

General contract

General contracting is the main activity of KESZ INTERNATIONAL. The Company is capable of implementing the most diverse projects, starting from design works and up to and including project commissioning.

As general contractor, Construction Company KESZ INTERNATIONAL manages the construction process and is responsible for and controls the project»s quality and completion deadlines in accordance with the approved project documentation.

As general contractor, Construction Company KESZ INTERNATIONAL provides the following services:

  • Management and organization of all kinds of project construction works in compliance with the approved project documentation;
  • The entire range of works is performed by own efforts as well as with involvement of contractor companies;
  • Development of the project construction financing plan;
  • Control and management of the project construction budget;
  • Coordination of works performed by subcontracting construction organizations, technical supervision;
  • Control over observance of standard operating procedures on site;
  • Tendering, management of necessary materials, machinery and equipment supply to the construction site;
  • Safety compliance on site;
  • Transfer of the project to an operating organization for further operation;
  • Transfer of the construction project to the Acceptance Committee.

Under the terms of the general contract, KESZ INTERNATIONAL is liable for the results achieved and the final quality of works, and also exercises control over compliance with the statutory building codes, standard operating procedures and safety procedures at the construction site, monitors the construction budget implementation and commissions the project.

Among the projects implemented by KESZ INTERNATIONAL, a significant share is comprised by production-purpose facilities: plants, factories and agricultural facilities. Besides, the Company has the experience of commercial real estate projects: hypermarkets, shopping malls, logistics facilities. However, this list does not limit the Company’s capabilities. The Company is also able to implement projects of construction of business centers, hotels, educational, administrative and healthcare facilities, stadiums, residential complexes and culture-purpose facilities.

General Contractor Construction Company KESZ INTERNATIONAL performs the entire range of construction and installation works on site:

  • Preparation works and earthworks.
  • Foundation works.
  • Building frame installation.
  • Installation of the roof system and walls.
  • Industrial flooring.
  • Filling of openings — windows, doors, gates.
  • Engineering networks.
  • Installation of major equipment.
  • Interior finishing works.
  • Landscaping.

Steel structure manufacturing plant

KESZ Construction Holding has its own steel structure manufacturing plant KESZ Ipari Gyarto Kft. The plant is located in KESZ Industrial Park of Kecskemet.

The total area occupied by workshops is 25,000 m2, of which 10,000 m2 is occupied by warehouse blocks. The plant»s annual production capacity exceeds 20,000 t. All of the products manufactured by KESZ Ipari Gyarto Kft are certificated in Ukraine.

The plant benefits the unique design concept tailor-made specifically for this plant and integrated into the steel structure production process, which, in its turn, ensures that the products manufactured are of the highest level of complexity, accuracy and quality.

The plant»s main activity is manufacture of technological metal structures designated for the energy sector, chemical industry, construction and mining industries. Besides, construction steel structures for buildings of diverse purposes (industrial buildings, warehouses, hangars, sports halls, shopping malls etc.) account for a significant share of general orders.

The manufacturing process at the plant is a fully-fledged technological chain of sequential operations ensuring the manufacture of steel structures, starting with the pre-treatment of incoming materials to the final assembly of fabricated structures.

The plant pays particular attention to product quality and for this reason has implemented an individual quality management system which is based on the functional inspection of each production stage and which is correlated with the production management system.

The following standards have been implemented and are applied at the enterprise: DIN EN ISO 9001–2000, DIN EN ISO 9001–2008, ISO 14001 MSZ 28001, MSZ EN ISO 3834–2, DIN 18800–7 Klasse E.

The successful operation of the plant has been repeatedly acknowledged by national and international professional organizations, as evidenced by the awards received. Today the plant»s products steadily conquer new markets and are widely represented not only in Hungary but in many European countries, among which Ukraine, Germany, Austria, France, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania.


Even a smallest details are analyzed and planed so we could guarantee the very best service we provide

NIS Rafinery, Pancevo 

Project name: NIS Refinery, Pancevo

Work discription : Structural steal and coke drum erection

LOCATION, City: Pancevo

Assembly Started: 13.12.2017.

End of Project: 31.10.2018.

Naftna Industrija Srbije (abbr. NIS; English: Petroleum Industry of Serbia) is a Serbian multinational oil and gas company with headquarters in Novi Sad, Serbia. The company’s main business is the production of petroleum and natural gas exploration, production, importing, processing, transportation, and marketing of oil and oil products in Serbia.

The company owns and operates oil refineries in Pancevo (annual capacity 4.8 million tons of crude oil) and Novi Sad (annual capacity 2.6 million tons of crude oil), and natural gas refinery in Elemir.

This project includes structural steel works and coke drum erection in total amount more than 3.500,00 t of steel, inside of Pancevo oil refinery. Assembly of steel is started in 13.12.2017., and planed end of project is 31.10.2018.

Reconstruction of object  “De Notr Dam”, Zrenjanin

Project name: Reconstruction of object  “De Notr Dam” in Zrenjanin      

Investor: City of Zrenjanin

Work discription : Reconstruction, rehabilitation and renovation of existing space into office space

LOCATION, City: Zrenjanin

Date when it will be built: Q1/2018.

Usable area: 3.000 m²

The Roman Catholic Institute for the Education of Girls “Kloster” founded the order of school nurses “De Notre Dame” in 1880, from the legacy of Carolina Satmari, born Mihanovic. For his accommodation and work, a new monumental one-storey building with a chapel was built, in the oldest old city center and in the immediate vicinity of the Torontal County building in Zrenjanin.

This project includes reconstruction “De Notr Dam” building, and it is financed with resorces from Betheln Gabor foundation. Works should start in Q1/2018, and planed project deadline is end of 2018.

Water pipeline suspension bridge over W. Morava river, Trstenik  

Project name: Water pipeline suspension bridge over W. Morava river, Trstenik  

Investor: Federal Republic of Germany

Work discription : Reconstruction/adaptation of existing bridge

LOCATION, City: Trstenik

Started: In March 2018.

End of Project: 180 days

The program for the improvement of the water supply and sewerage system in the mid-sized municipalities in Serbia was anticipated the reconstruction / adaptation of the existing hanging steel bridge with the pipeline through the Western Morava in Trstenik.

This project includes reconstruction/adaptation of existing bridge total lengh of 110,00m. Works should start in March 2018, and planed project deadline is September of 2018.

TISZA Automotive, Becej

Project name: TISZA Automotive Becej

Work discription : Reconstruction of retail object to facility production

LOCATION, City: Becej

Date when it will be built: Q3/2017.

USABLE AREA : 4.500 m²

TISZA Automotive is factory for production cables for automotive industry, located in town Becej, Serbia. This project includes reconstruction works on retail object, with goal to transform it to facility production. Works started in Q3/2017., and were finished in Q1/2018.

Cold Storage, Palic

Project name: Cold Storage in Palic

Work discription : Construction

LOCATION, City: Palic, Subotica

Usable area: arround 6.500m², in two phases A and B

Started: In February 2018.

End of Project: 65 day


This project includes  works on concrete construction for future Cold storage in city Palic. Works should start if February of 2018. and planed deadline for project end is April 2018.

Construction of residential houses, Kikinda

Project name: Construction of residential houses, Kikinda

Investor: Public sector project implementation unit Ltd.Belgrade

LOCATION, City: Kikinda

Contract stastus. Contract is signed

Total contract value:  cca. 601.988 eur

USABLE AREA : 1.932m²

Started: In February 2018.

End of Project: 330 days

PIU Research and Development was founded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia in July 2010, as a single-member limited liability company, as a legal entity.  Company was founded for a limited amount of time, i.e. until the end of implementation of the Project Public Sector Research and Development. 

This project includes building of 25 apartments in the municipality of Kikinda. Works should star in february of 2018., and planed project deadline is January of 2019.

The regional housing program is a joint multi-annual program of the Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and the Republic of Croatia, which aims to provide permanent housing solutions for the most vulnerable refugee families in the region.

Construction of residential houses, Bajina Basta

Project name: Construction of residential houses, Bajina Basta

Investor: Public sector project implementation unit Ltd. Belgrade

LOCATION, City: Bajina Basta

USABLE AREA : 1.200m²

Started: In December 2017.

End of Project: 330 days

PIU Research and Development was founded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia in July 2010, as a single-member limited liability company, as a legal entity.  Company was founded for a limited amount of time, i.e. until the end of implementation of the Project Public Sector Research and Development.  

This project includes building of 20 apartments in the municipality of Bajina Basta within the second subproject of the Regional Housing Program. Works started in December of 2017. and planed project deadline is November of 2018.

The regional housing program is a joint multi-annual program of the Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and the Republic of Croatia, which aims to provide permanent housing solutions for the most vulnerable refugee families in the region.

Ferenc Liszt Airport, Budapest 

Airport concrete to be broken up for terminal expansion

KÉSZ Építő Co. Ltd. has commenced construction of the new pier to be connected to Terminal 2B of Ferenc Liszt Airport. The new passenger pier – fully financed by Budapest Airport – is expected to be completed in one and a half years and will increase the passenger area of Terminal 2B by more than 10 thousand square meters. Construction works of the 220-meter-long new pier have been started – concrete as massive as the one being broken up on the apron of Terminal 2 may be found at few other places. Only two months ago aircraft were still using the area, and the hall of basic boarding gates that was used to be called ‘tin-plate terminal’ by the public was still in operation. Today, the worksite was inaugurated ceremonially by Budapest Airport as developer and KÉSZ Építő Co. Ltd. as contractor. Budapest Airport commissioned Prima-Primissima-winner architect Zoltán Tima and the team of KÖZTI who designed SkyCourt that was handed over six years ago to design the new wing in line with the principles of functionality, passenger comfort, and the best price/value ratio while maintaining the architectural unity of the terminal. The passenger pier will be a combination of fair-faced concrete, steel, and glass, and its style will merge the architectural features of SkyCourt and Terminal 2B. Interior finishes such as the floor will reflect the SkyCourt vibe while the external aluminum panels are aligned with the façade of Terminal 2B. One of the most important elements of the 50-billion-HUF development program called BUD 2020 is Pier B, said Jost Lammers, the CEO of Budapest Airport. The project is scheduled to be completed by the middle of the summer in 2018. The new pier will ensure significantly more boarding gates; it will offer via 10 new boarding bridges 27 boarding options (through boarding bridge, by bus, or on foot). Budapest Airport is financing the project itself, dedicating considerable resources of its own to develop the capital airport gateway to Hungary and to contribute to the Hungarian economy as a whole, added Jost Lammers. “We do believe that our return to the airport after the successful completion of SkyCourt in 2011 is not just a mere coincidence. We have just started the construction of Pier B, an 11 000 sq meter large passenger area at Budapest Airport.” said László Szalados, CEO of KÉSZ Építő Co. Ltd. He added: “As earlier with SkyCourt we make maximum effort with our resources and expertise to construct a first class building that meets all possible requirements without interfering with daily passenger traffic of the airport.”


Project Title: BOSCH
Object: Production of wiper blades
Investor: “ROBERT BOSCH”
Usable area: 22000 m²
Work Package: complete external infrastructure
Construction period: November 2012 – July 2013

Robert Bosch is building a factory near Belgrade, in a city called Simanovci. The future factory will have a production of wiper blades and other similar products for the automotive industry. We were assigned for the complete external infrastructure works on the Bosch factory. This project includes the landscaping of an area of 22000 m² around the production hall,  the construction of 11000 m² of traffic roads and around 5000 m² of parking spaces, about 2500 m of rainwater and fecal sewers, an open retention for collecting rainwater, entrance gate and fences with all the auxiliary equipment for entrance control. Also of electrical works it includes all the external lighting, telecommunication installations, 1 kW power installations, as well as the 20 kW power installation. The works have started on November 1st, 2012. and the completion is set to July 1st 2013.

Bridge on I-B state road no. 23

Reconstruction of the bridge over the Western Morava River began in mid-May 2016, according to a project that was developed by “Filos engineering”. The investor of the work is JP “Roads of Serbia”. The reconstruction project included the rehabilitation of key parts of the bridge on which the damage was observed during the expertise the bridge in 2012.

Primary reconstruction consisted of making a new deck slab by adding 7560 pcs of anchors for the connection with the old concrete and creating a new 12 cm thick layer of concrete, removing old asphalt, removing the old pedestrian paths and creating the new ones, repair abutments and creating a the cross-beams, lifting the ending portions of the bridge and replacement of bearings and expansion joints, creating the cross beams in the bridge and work around the remediation pillars by the mantle around them in the height of 2,5 m.

During reconstruction works and after the sand-blasting of the elements over the river, it was found that the bridge is in worse condition than it was anticipated in the project, so that the newly discovered damage expanded the volume of the works by 30% approx.

It was found that the cables on the longitudinal box girder assembly element above the water broke from the impact of salt and loads, as well as the supporting pillars S3 and S4.

After the new expertise and new technical solutions approached the rehabilitation of the same by adding new prestressing cables inside the longitudinal box girder and extension poles lining with the addition of the new metal framework that can withstand the calculated loads.

Also, due to the poor condition of the abutments, started the construction of the 8 new pillars for reinforcement of the abutments using the newly installed anchors for the connection between the old and new concrete as well as the development of the new cross beams for interconnect of the newly built columns.

The planned works according to the original design, with these new changes disrupted the schedule of the works due to the serious approach to finding technical solutions for the rehabilitation of the newly formed damages.

Finally KESZ International ltd with success found adequate solutions for all technical issues and – days before additional time frame expiring given from supervisor side, –  bridge was handed over to Investor and was formally opened for public car traffic at beginning of October 2016.


KESZ INTERNATIONAL in June 2016. started construction works on the facility “Upgrading the existing building – a business complex with production workshop” in Odzaci. Investor is a multinational company “Magna”.

New project of production part size 3926 m² leaning and functionally connects with the existing production hall into a single space of 7300 m². On the other side of new build productive hall is the administrative part size 1920 m².

Hall is the reinforced concrete prefabricated structure with a facade in the production area of ​​”Kingspan” facade panels and “C” at the administrative part. Roof cassette cover is TR trapezoidal sheet, rock wool and PE membrane.

New build part is virtually a mirror image of the existing building and was designed and carried out in accordance with the modern technical achievements.

The deadline for completion of the building is the end of December 2016.

Dr. Oetker

On October 12th 2016, to mutual satisfaction, we performed a handover of the building “Dr. Oetker”, after completion of all works. KESZ INTERNATIONAL was General Contractor for all construction and external works.

Business complex for the production and storage for food product  “Dr. Oetker” covers total area 7390 m².

Consist of four parts:
A – administrative building 1500 m²,
B – technical block 890 m²,
C – production hall 3000 m²,
D-storage 2000 m²

Industrial complex also  consist Sprinkler building 350 m² and internal roads with parking space.

Fiat – T18

Project Title: FIAT T18
Object: Electrical installation
Usable area: 34320 m²
Work Package: Overall electrical system in paint shop
Construction period: April 2011 – July 2012

Fiat – T39

Project Title: FIAT T39
Object: Steel reconstruction
Usable area: 9600 m²
Work Package: Design, supply and installation of steel structures
Construction period: April 2011 – October 2011

Fiat – T51A

Project Title: FIAT T51A
Object: Fencing around production area
Usable area: 5738 m long
Work Package: Design & construction of surrounding fence
Construction period: October 2011 – July 2012

Autokomerc VW

Project Title: Autokomerc Showroom
Object: Showroom
Investor: “Autokomerc Komision”
Usable area: 650 m²
Work Package: construction work
Construction period: 2002


Project Title: Dunapack
Object: Confectionery factory
Investor: “Dunapack”
Usable area: 15000 m²
Work Package: General execution, prefab concrete structured cardboard factory
Construction period: 2003

Border crossing Horgos

Project Title: Horgos – Border crossing
Object: Border crossing
Investor: “Building directorary of Serbia”
Usable area: 22 ha
Work Package: construction work
Construction period: 2003 – 2005

Secondary school in Podgorica

Hungarian cultural center in Belgrade

Project Title: Hungarian Cultural Center
Object: Hungarian Cultural Center

Investor: “Balassi Institute-R.E.Four D.O.O.”
Usable area: 1150 m²
Work Package: Renovation of existing building
Construction period: May 2013 – February 2014

In February 2014, is completed renovation of the existing building at No.14 Gracanicka in Belgrade. Adaptation comprised the demolition of the old building to the bearing construction and reconstruction of the entire building. The facility consists of Po + 5P + Pk. The underground level has a kitchen that is associated with a restaurant on the ground floor. On the first floor there is a conference hall. Floors above the conference room to the attic are designed to accommodate guests of Balassi Institute. The top floor contains the library. The total area of the converted facility is 1150 m². Interestingly, interior decorating colors and elements that express the Hungarian spirit and culture.


Like in life, without a good team and planing nothing would be possible


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