Labor protection

Law of Serbia “Labor Safety” stimulates that the state labor protection policy is based on the principle of priority of the employee’s life and health and the employer’s all-embracing responsibility for provision of appropriate, safe and healthy working conditions. KESZ SERBIA, being a European construction company, respects and adheres to requirements of Serbian labor protection laws and other statutory regulations.

Based on the Regulation on the Labor Safety Service, KESZ SERBIA has established the Labor Safety Service accountable directly to the Company’s CEO. The Labor Safety Service on construction sites, where KESZ SERBIA is engaged as general contractor, exercises general control over compliance with requirements of the Labor Safety Regulations by contractors employees. According to the Regulation on relations of general contractors and subcontractors, the general contractor, in cooperation with its subcontractors involved, is under the duty to develop measures ensuring safe working conditions on construction sites which are binding for all organizations involved in the construction process.

When works are concurrently executes by general contractor and subcontractor (or several subcontractors), general occupational and fire safety measures are taken — fencing, safety nets and fans, fencing holes and hatches in ceilings, additional lighting, provision of signs, etc.). Segregation of works executed by contracting organizations is supported by respective records in the joint work log.

Acting as general contractor, prior to commencing construction works at each construction project, KESZ SERBIA develops and approves the Work Execution Plan according to which labor safety actions are taken. Appropriate guidelines and regulating actions are used to ensure compliance with requirements of the Regulations for Labor Safety on Construction Sites for contractors.

All occupational safety actions are implemented to ensure compliance with applicable standards, rules and regulations on safety at work at all stages, from development of project documentation to putting the completed project into operation.