White hands

Since its foundation, KESZ Group of companies consistently adheres to business ethics, legality and honesty norms. KESZ complies with these principles both in Serbia and abroad. “White Hands” Program provides an opportunity to KESZ Group’s employees and partners to record any actions of the company indicative of abuse or corruption and each and every notification coming to the Program is considered and analyzed without exception.

If you have any comment regarding our activity, please do not hesitate to notify about it. “White Hands” Program guarantees anonymity and respect for civil rights.

If the complaint is confirmed and there is an action contradicting the ethical code of KESZ Group of companies, relevant principles of intolerance will apply. In the course of investigation or publication, the observance of personal rights is a priority under any circumstances.

In the course of the investigation, all data and information received from a person, his/her representative or any other person is sent to the Security Department employee who does not disclose this information while the investigation is underway.

If you would like to make public any well-founded information about activities of the Group or behavior of our colleagues, please inform us.

KESZ Group of companies checks all registered notifications without any exception with involvement of Safety Manager and reports the results of the investigation to the Complainant.

You can register your notification directly on the page of “White Hands” Program available on all websites of KESZ Group of companies.

Thank you for your attention!