Social responsibility

In the field of socially responsible behavior we have a tradition lasting almost 50 years.

Activities that were initially focused on employees and the immediate local environment of our holding company have been expanded over the years to include other parties, and today the philosophy of social responsibility and a sustainable operation is an inseparable and integral part of a successful business group KESZ SERBIA is. We try to become (and remain) active wherever KESZ SERBIA operates.

In all our activities we actively and unreservedly recognize opportunities where we can contribute to the development of the social and economic environment, be it using our expertise, financial resources or other sources. We implement them with encouragement and by developing a positive impact on society, including support for sports, cultural, educational, humanitarian and environmental projects. The primary focus of KESZ SERBIA in regard to social responsibility is toward health and quality of life, and investing in sport and culture.

The fundamental concern for health and quality of life in KESZ SERBIA is released with the following activities:

  • by financially supporting campaigns for a healthy lifestyle,  
  • by investing in the local infrastructure,     
  • by assisting companies and individuals in humanitarian emergencies.