Steel structure manufacturing plant

KESZ Construction Holding has its own steel structure manufacturing plant KESZ Ipari Gyarto Kft. The plant is located in KESZ Industrial Park of Kecskemet.

The total area occupied by workshops is 25,000 m2, of which 10,000 m2 is occupied by warehouse blocks. The plant»s annual production capacity exceeds 20,000 t.

The plant benefits the unique design concept tailor-made specifically for this plant and integrated into the steel structure production process, which, in its turn, ensures that the products manufactured are of the highest level of complexity, accuracy and quality.

The plant»s main activity is manufacture of technological metal structures designated for the energy sector, chemical industry, construction and mining industries. Besides, construction steel structures for buildings of diverse purposes (industrial buildings, warehouses, hangars, sports halls, shopping malls etc.) account for a significant share of general orders.

The manufacturing process at the plant is a fully-fledged technological chain of sequential operations ensuring the manufacture of steel structures, starting with the pre-treatment of incoming materials to the final assembly of fabricated structures.

The plant pays particular attention to product quality and for this reason has implemented an individual quality management system which is based on the functional inspection of each production stage and which is correlated with the production management system.

The following standards have been implemented and are applied at the enterprise: DIN EN ISO 9001–2000, DIN EN ISO 9001–2008, ISO 14001 MSZ 28001, MSZ EN ISO 3834–2, DIN 18800–7 Klasse E.

The successful operation of the plant has been repeatedly acknowledged by national and international professional organizations, as evidenced by the awards received. Today the plant»s products steadily conquer new markets and are widely represented not only in Hungary but in many European countries, among which Ukraine, Germany, Austria, France, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania.