Comprehensive construction services

General Contracting Construction Company KESZ SERBIA has obtained all of the necessary permits and possesses all of the necessary resources to perform the full range of works on a turnkey basis in compliance with the European quality standards.

KESZ SERBIA carries out comprehensive management of construction projects and performs the following works:

  • Acting as “Customer Service”, obtaining of “Urban Planning Conditions and Restrictions” and obtaining of Technical Specifications.
  • Development of the full scope of project design documentation, for all stages and sections.
  • Going through the procedure of project appraisal and obtaining the necessary approvals.
  • Designer supervision.
  • Management and organization of all kinds of project construction works in compliance with the approved project documentation.
  • The entire range of works is performed by own efforts and with involvement of contractor companies.
  • Drawing up of the construction schedule and its implementation control.
  • Development of the project construction financing plan.
  • Control and management of the project construction budget.
  • Study, analysis and assessment of project options.
  • Determining of the project’s technical and economic indices and major equipment layout.
  • Development of space planning solutions and the project proposal.
  • Drawing up of a preliminary budget of the construction project.
  • Preparation works and earthworks. Foundation works.
  • Installation of the building frame, roof system and walls.
  • Industrial flooring. Filling of openings (windows, doors, gates).
  • Engineering networks design. Installation of major equipment.
  • Interior finishing works. Landscaping.
  • Electro and mechanical works
  • Construction of residential buildings, bridges and infrastructure
  • Construction works in refineries
  • Steel structures works