Development of conceptual design

Conceptual Design is the initial stage of design and one of the main stages in project documentation development allowing to assess the feasibility, as well as resources and time required for implementation of the investor’s intentions. And eventually, it helps to determine a preliminary construction project budget. A well-developed Conceptual Design lays the foundation for further decisions to be made by the investor regarding implementation of a construction project. The investor also gets the answers to such questions as whether the construction site is suitable for a new construction project, whether all of the engineering networks necessary for the designed project are available on the land plot and how much electricity, water, gas and heat is needed.

The goal of the Conceptual Design development is to determine technical parameters of the designed project and its technical and economic indicators, as well as major equipment layouts, space planning solutions, overall dimensions of the building on the available land plot and a preliminary cost of the project. While developing the Conceptual Design, вsubject to the Customer’s Terms of Reference (TOR), specialists of KESZ SERBIA elaborate on all of the project’s technological and design solutions implemented in accordance with requirements of the building codes and regulations applicable in Serbia. And a special focus is given to the issues of environmental safety of the designed project as well as the site in general.